Best Curved Hem T Shirt

What’s more timeless than a classic t-shirt? The basic tee is a staple in any wardrobe. Throw it on with a pair of jeans for an effortlessly cool and casual look. But for those of you out there looking for something a bit more elevated and stylish, a twist on a classic, the curved hem t shirt is a great choice for you. They have transformed the traditional staple piece of casual clothing into a fashion-forward design.

curved hem t shirt from 10ten apparel
Best Curved Hem T shirt

Still effortless yet stylish, the curved hem t-shirt is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. You can easily prepare for any occasion with this clothing item, as it works just as well for day and night. It also pairs nicely with a pair of jeans.

Read on to find the right curved hem t-shirt to stock your wardrobe with.

What is a Curved Hem T-Shirt?

As the name suggests, the curved hem t-shirt got its name from its bottom hemline, which is distinctly rounded. Also known as a scallop hem, this t-shirt is a stark contrast to a regular t-shirt’s straight-cut hem.

This t-shirt style gained popularity among the hip-hop community and is the preferred t-shirt for many streetwear styles. With its stylish finish, the men’s curved hem t-shirt offers a longline that closely fits your figure, leaving you with a slim silhouette.

Whether worn under another piece of clothing for an added layer of color or on its own, the longline curved hem t-shirt adds a touch of street style to your look with a hint of sophistication.

What Makes a Perfect Curved Hem T-Shirt?

When looking for the perfect curved hem t-shirt to add to your closet, there are a few factors to consider. Quality and durability are essential, as with any fashion purchase. However, shape and length are of higher importance when choosing a men's curved hem t-shirt.



The name implies that traditionally, the shirt has a rounded hem, but other styles also exist that suggest how the shirt should be worn. So pay close attention to the hemline of your shirt!

The majority of the time you'll want to wear these rounded-bottom t-shirts untucked. The best rule of thumb is when a curved hem t-shirt has an even hemline, wear them untucked and when the hem is uneven, it's best to wear them tucked into your jeans or trousers. 

As you can see, the shape of a curved hem plays a significant factor in how you style it. Whether tucked or untucked or under another item of clothing, always remember to look for a shape that best fits your style and the purpose of the shirt. 


The t-shirt perfectly combines the comfort and easy manoeuvrability of a long t-shirt while providing the wearer with a form-fitting look that perfectly elongates the body and complements the wearer’s shape. 

The length of the curved hem plays an important role in how you should wear the shirt. When your curved hem shirt is short, this is a clear sign that it should remain untucked, giving your silhouette a chic look.

If the curved hemline of your shirt is especially long at the front and back, then this shirt is perfect for tucking in. If it extends below your belt at least 3-5 inches then its length will ensure that your shirt will stay tucked no matter your movements.

Clearly, length is another factor that makes a clear difference in how to wear your curved hem t-shirt. The difference in length can mean the difference between a perfectly refined or unintentionally shabby look. But at the end of the day, how you wear your curved hem t-shirt is totally up to your style taste and the look you’re going for.

Best Men’s Curved Hem T-Shirts

Curved-hem men’s t-shirts are meant to be worn with confidence. Tucked in or left out, this form-fitting and elongated top is the ultimate choice for those who live an active lifestyle or just want to dress to impress.

But not all curved hem shirts are created equal. Below are some of the best men’s curved hem t-shirts out there. 

Have a look and get inspired. 


TEN10 Men’s Curved Hem T-Shirt

If you’re looking for a curved hem t-shirt that fits your body to perfection then look no further than TEN10’s curved hem t-shirt. The signature fabric blend will keep you looking polished and have you feeling your best whether you’re in the office or on a night out. The perfectly rounded hem will give you a clean, refined, and elegant look. The construction of this shirt highlights your best features so you will be looking and feeling your best. This t-shirt is a must-have in black and rosewood

Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem T-Shirt 

Another beautifully sculpted curved hem t-shirt is the slub curved hem t-shirt from Buck Mason. With its classic fit, this crewneck tee is a staple to have in any wardrobe. Made from 145 GSM cotton jersey for a beautifully comfortable feel, this tee’s slub finish adds a bit of personality and texture to the timeless look of a fitted tee. Each t-shirt is washed with enzymes so you’ll enjoy that perfect lived-in feel on your first wear. Tailored for a clean silhouette, this curved hem t-shirt adds a bit of sophistication to any look. 

Forty-Five Slub Curved Hem T-Shirt

Forty-Five’s tees are the perfect option if you’re looking for a vintage twist on the streetwear classic curved hem t-shirt. The comfortable feel of its slub cotton fabric feels soft and breezy on your body. Don’t let the light and airy feel of this tee fool you though, these t-shirts are built to be worn time and time again. Enjoy a longer and slimmer silhouette due to the traditional curved hem. If you’re a vintage lover but appreciate a modern spin on things, then Forty-Five’s curved hem t-shirt in vintage wash graphite is a must-buy. 

Cuts Clothing AO Curved Hem Tee 

Want an attractively tailored curved hem tee sculpted to fit your body perfectly? The AO Curve Hem Tee from Cuts Clothing is a best-seller. It is designed for the professional man who needs to transition from the office to after-work activities. This t-shirt is wrinkle-resistant and provides a soft, buttery feel. It ensures you look polished and comfortable all day long.

Best White Tees for Men


A plain white tee is the classic look of cool and simple sophistication. From its humble beginnings as a working-class man’s go-to shirt, it quickly earned its reputation as the symbol of the ultimate bad boy with the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando popularizing its clean yet unruly look. Since then the classic white t-shirt has only grown in popularity and style.

There’s no questioning the basic white tee’s dominance as a staple men’s top, but it has evolved so much over time that there are now many styles to choose from. We think that these plain white curved hem t-shirts for men are some of the best. 

TEN10 Men’s Curved Hem T-Shirt

For a remarkably soft and sophisticated look, try TEN10’s men’s curved hem t-shirt. Dual blend fabric gives this best-selling white tee a creamy soft feel. Expert tailoring creates a tapered waist and long line, perfect for accentuating your figure. If you want a more sophisticated take on the plain white tee, then this is it!

Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem V-Neck Tee 

If you love the chic look of a V-neck tee, then you’ll love Buck Mason’s classic curved hem V-neck. Made with a light cotton jersey blend, this t-shirt will softly hug your body, elongating and slimming the torso all at once. The rounded shirttail adds a touch of sophistication while the tailored silhouette gives you clean lines and a smooth look. Buck Mason has perfected the elevated take on the classic V-neck. 

Cuts Clothing AO Elongated Tee 

A more modern take on the classic white tee, Cuts Clothing’s elongated t-shirt turns a classic on its head. The clean and traditional crew neck collar is where this shirt’s simplicity ends and where its modernity begins. The elongated hem is perfect for adding length without losing that slim and trim fit of a curved hem t-shirt. If you’ve been searching for a t-shirt for a longer torso or just want something more unique than your standard white tee, then this shirt is sure to give you everything you’ve been looking for. 

Nayked Apparel Men’s Ridiculously Soft Curved Hem  


Longline T-Shirt

As the name suggests, this t-shirt is insanely velvety soft. Nayked apparel changed things up and added a curved hem t-shirt to their traditional white tee lineup. They have revolutionized the classic casual clothing item with a fashionable design.

Best Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Another must-have for your wardrobe is the long sleeve t-shirt. Short sleeve tees often get all of the love and attention, but the long sleeve t-shirt is so versatile and often the perfect choice in terms of style and function. 

Long sleeve tees tend to have a classier look and can make an outfit look more formal, even though it’s still a t-shirt if that’s the look you’re going for. The added length of the sleeve also provides you with more coverage on chillier days and is an excellent option when it comes to layering a look because you won’t get that direct, oftentimes itchy, skin contact from your more textured outer layers, like a wool sweater.

So, if you’re looking for a more chic take on the traditional t-shirt, we’ve got long-sleeve tees you’re going to love. 

TEN10 Men’s L/S Curved Hem 

For a refined look, try TEN10’s long sleeve curved hem shirt. This shirt is more than just a wardrobe basic. This long-sleeve tee boasts innovative Kano fiber technology to ensure lasting quality. A must-have for any season, this shirt will perfectly hug every contour of your body and leave you feeling confident. Try it out in black, white, and mahogany

Buck Mason Long Sleeve Slub Curved Hem Tee 

Another classic from Buck Mason. Their long sleeve curved hem tee is built for comfort and long-term wearability. With a simple crewneck and its signature hem, this long sleeve t-shirt is light enough to wear throughout the year and with its modest contour, you can wear this tee to any occasion. 

Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley 

Looking for something a little more detailed? The Pima curved hem henley from Buck Mason adds touches of detail with a light hand. The ribbed cuffs and four-button detailing at the top give you a classic yet elegant look. Its soft, Pima cotton and curved hem fit the body perfectly, leaving you looking long and lean and feeling your best.  

Cuts Clothing AO Long Sleeve Curve-Hem Tee 

Elevate your style with Cuts Clothing’s long sleeve curved hem tee. A beautifully natural fit, this tee is the pinnacle of casual and cool. This long-sleeve tee has a subtly soft feel and contour-fitting construction. It is for the man who wants to radiate natural confidence and an innate sense of self-assuredness.

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